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Hi friend, I have a question, did the story advance a little more than the boy who sells mirrors?

Unfortunately, not yet.

(2 edits)

Sir dev I'm Adultgamers1996 I made a walkthrough on youtube and I'm stuck on the scientist . Can you send me a link of your walkthrough so I can upload another video on my channel thanks.

I also need to remake some of my walkthrough can you send me please.

There is no scientist in the game yet. You can find the walkthrough here ( in the "your walkthroughs" channel. Thank you for your interest in my project.

Bug Report -- May contain spoilers





Language: English
Part of game: Third Chapter; South of the church(?) building.
Trigger: Walk into fence tile.
Result: You walk onto the fence tiles;


Yeah, I know. I'll fix it one day. Thanks a lot.

Bug Report -- May contain spoilers





Language: English
Part of game: Second Chapter; After walking through the first town with tattered clothes.
Trigger: Opening Rodinka's chest and obtaining 3p\3 rupies(?)
Result: This menu appears.

Additionally, the language in the above menu also appears in the First Chapter, within the "Witch Hut". It's a simple dialogue box that appeared when examining a table while standing on some rope(?).


Thank you! I'll fix it.

i got stuck to find the sciencetist how to get there

The game is under development. There is no sciencetist for now.

How do you pause the game in the Android version because I'm having a bit of a hard time pausing.(good game btw I can't wait for updates)

You need to spread two fingers on the screen. Thank you)

How do I get to play zonk? I can't seem to find the secret room anywhere.  Greatly enjoyed all content so far.

My pleasure)

You can find answer on my discord server in "your walkthroughs" channel (, very kind good person Ayy wrote the big guide in details and with images.

Thank you so much. I wish you luck in future endeavors.

how frequent do you update the game? also you really should have more filled out before updating games good so far but really needs more sexual deeds

The production time for new release: 3 ~ 4 months.

Is anyone there


The game is under development. This quest is currently unavailable. You need to wait for new releases. 

what do i need to do

Im stuck after the mirror guy told me about the person égo knows about magic ans lives in the house to the right.

do the saves reset each update?

No, they don't. Only this one, I hope.

Im kinda stuck where the drunk is blocking the inn door im not sure what to do now.

Go to the campfire and eat.


Love the game. Will have to play through when I get a chance and note English errors to help you out.

Thank you! And wow! Thank you!

I have provided the original lines up to immediately after Rodinka's fall with a edited version below correcting mistakes and providing a more natural English version.

About the game name:

Rodinka called Squirrel: Sounds weird in English

Tales of Divinity: Squirrel's Journey or 
Tales of Divinity: Rodinka's Journey

Line edits:

- "It's time to continue our journey. We are almost in the village."
"We are almost at the village." or "We are nearly at the village."

- "We'll arive before noon and begin preparation for the performance." 
"We'll arrive before noon, and start getting ready for the performance. "

- "Hear this fellows?! Pack up . . . Time to get going.' 

"Hear me lads? Pack up and let's be off."

- "I won't hold until we reach the village. I need it so much."
" I won't be able to hold it until we get to the village... I need to pee so bad."

- "I'll go to the forest, pee and be back really quick. No one will notice I was away."
"I'll go to the forest, pee and get back quickly. Nobody will notice I was gone."

- "There it is! (I can pee under this bush.)"
"That bush, I can pee there."

- "I can't hold out..."
"I can't hold it any longer."

- "Finally, I can relax."

- "I'll wet my dress this way"
"My dress will get wet like this."

- Pull up skirt! Fast!
"I've got to pull my skirt up. Quick!"

-Its getting harder to hold...
"It's getting tougher to hold up."

- I found the bush already. A few more seconds.
"Just a couple more seconds, the bush is close."

- Ugh~a~a! (I made some water!)
"Ugh~a~a! A bit of pee's come out."

- Faster! Faster!! Faster!!!
"Quick! Quick!! Quick!!"

-Dont wet the dress, just dont wet...
"Don't get pee on the dress, don't get..."

- I can't hold any more.
"I can't hold it any more!!!

- Such... a pleasure.
"What relief...finally."

- But how stupid I am. Why didn't I go before?!
"I am such an idiot, why didn't I go earlier?"

- I could peeed myself in front of all. 
"I could have peed myself in front of the others"

-Next time I won't wait for so long.
"Next time, I will go earlier."

- I drank quite a lot
"I drank quite a bit."

- I have to dry myself.
"I have to wipe myself."

-Leaves are so small and prickly.
"These leaves are so small and prickly."

-Maybe some of....
"Maybe some of those..."

- Ouch... it hurts. *sob sob*
"Oww, that really hurt. *sob sob*"

-It hurts *sob* My whole body hurts ....
"my whole body hurts...*sob*"

If you contact me with your email and either the way to get the access the lines in the game files or the original script I can provide edits to that.

Well... I see. It sounds like a huge amount of work.

Please email me at

Nice art and good choices, but the funky translation makes everything kinda awkward.


Thank you and I apologize for the translation. Can you help me by pointing out problems?

It's less specific instances of strange translation, but more just an awkwardness to the whole thing. All the characters speak in a very strange and unnatural way that doesn't sound human. Still, it's a really good game and I'm looking forward to more of it in the future!

Erm... well, russian text sounds normal to me, but I'll try to make english translation more natural. Thank you anyway)

honestly don't worry about it dude the games great as it is.

Thank you, but I will. I wanna make the game much better, in different ways.

does the game as of now end on the first day or...cause I cant progress the day cause it says talk to the troupe but you cant

Something like that. The third episode of the game is currently under development. There are not many objects that have been mentioned. The map is not ready yet. Some NPCs can ignore you. For now there are only a few interactive events in Zalesie.

On Android, the game repeatedly freezes, after failing to load audio bgm Sb_dungeon_vx1.m4a

Thanks for the report. I'll fix this problem and try to do it within 24 hours. And yeah... That's my first try to make android/mac and linux versions, I apologize for the inconvenience.

I updated the apk file, it should work correctly. Please write me again if something is wrong. 

Same problem during the scene with the carriage driver

I forgot this one, but I already updated the apk file. Sorry for inconvenience twice.